What’s New on Peacock? Streaming Peacock TV Shows & Movies

Each month, Peacock beckons with a feathered allure, presenting a medley of cinematic and series treasures to binge and ponder. Want to know what’s really worth your popcorn? Well, we’ve got you covered. For those craving additional streaming insights, pop over to our hub.

Jumpman Joins the Stream – Watch Mario Streaming

Leading the Peacock parade for August, The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits the platform. Forget the parental guides; this is the adults’ escape too! Dive into the world of Mario and Luigi, as they embark on a comically chaotic quest. Expect coins, Koopas, and a cavalcade of familiar faces from the Mushroom Kingdom. (Streaming from August 3rd.)

A Cornucopia of Content

Sure, Mario’s arrival might steal the spotlight, but there’s a galaxy of content coming your way:

Killing It (Season 2): The ever-hilarious Craig Robinson is back, protecting his snake farm from some rather greedy neighbors. Is it about snakes? Is it a metaphor? Who knows? But you’ll be laughing too hard to care.

Chris Fleming: Hell: When humor meets the underworld, expect fiery roasts. Chris Fleming’s latest stand-up special promises to have you rolling… but hopefully not in brimstone!

The Northman: Fancy a Viking voyage? Journey back in time with Robert Eggers’ majestic epic. War cries, legendary voyages, and a history lesson like no other.

Downton Abbey: A New Era: Dust off your teacups and dive back into the refined world of Downton, but with fresh faces and further intrigue.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The cult classic makes its way to Peacock. Get ready to combat exes and navigate the battlefield of romance with a side of indie rock.

What Else to Watch Out For:

August 6 brings Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets a Puppy (adorable overload alert!) and the heartwarming Hallmark addition, Making Waves.

Get a dose of romantic escapade with A Safari Romance (Hallmark) on August 13 and the wine-filled adventures in Napa Ever After (Hallmark) on August 27.

And for those who missed the abbey’s charm, Downton Abbey: A New Era graces the platform on August 24.

To Wrap it Up…
From moustaches to Mario, from Vikings to vintage charm, Peacock’s offerings this August promise a blend of laughter, love, and legendary quests. Settle down, sign in, and let the bingeing begin! And if you’re still unsure where to start, there’s always a trusty coin to toss.

Coming to Peacock in August 2023