Where is the Cast of Everybody Loves Raymond Now?

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Award-winning sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond ran from September 1996 until May 2005. The show is known for its fantastic humor, relatability, and amazing cast. The series starred Ray Romano as the main protagonist Ray Barone, who seems to have everything a person could want in life: a beautiful, loving family and a wonderful house on Long Island. But, his irritating parents and resentful brother live right across the street from him, making for a zany family dynamic.

With Everybody Loves Raymond being off the air since 2005, it is easy to wonder where the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond is now. Unfortunately for the entertainment industry, it is hard to make a true career comeback after being in a sitcom. But, it seems like the cast of this series strays from the norm.

Where is Ray Romano?

Ray Romano’s acting career did not cease after the end of the sitcom. In fact, his career only grew, attaining bigger and better roles in larger production films. He went on to star in multiple movies: Men of a Certain Age, Parenthood, Get Shorty, Vinyl, acclaimed director Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, and star actor Kumail Nanjani’s The Big Sick.

On top of his acting career, Romano also is an avid poker player and golfer. He started competing in the World Series of Poker two years after Everybody Loves Raymond ended in 2007, then continued competing in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2015. Apart from poker, in early 2010, Romano starred in the second season of The Golf Channel’s original series The Haney Project where the former coach of Tiger Woods, arguably one of the best male golfers of all time, Hank Haney attempted to improve the golf games of various different celebrities and public figures. Romano is an exceptional player, whose goal was to break below an 80 by the end of the season, which is an above-average score for a par 72 course in golf.

Debra Barone

Patricia Heaton played Ray’s wife Debra for the 9 years of the show. After the show ended, Patricia went on to appear in a lead role as Frankie Heck in the sitcom The Middle during its 2009-2018 run. She also had leading roles in other TV series Back to You, Versailles, and Carol’s Second Act. Patricia has been with Carol’s Second Act since 2019 on CBS.

Robert Barone

Playing Ray’s brother Robert, Brad Garrett has also been quite busy since Everybody Loves Raymond. Some notable gigs that he has had include How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), The Crazy Ones, Fargo, and I’m Dying Up Here. His most recent is Single Parents, which has been on the air since 2018. He has also been a voice actor, having voiced in Tangled, Ratatouille, and Night at the Museum. In addition to being moderately active on social media, Brad is also a stand-up comedian.

The Actors who played Frank and Marie Barone

Unfortunately, Peter Boyle (Frank Barone) passed away at 71 years old in 2006. Ten years later in 2016, Doris Roberts, who played his on-screen wife Marie Barone, also passed away at 90 years old. In honor of Doris, who was extremely active in theater, there was a public tribute held a month after her passing at the Ambassador Theater in New York City. The pair each had an extensive list of shows and movies that they had parts in.

Barone Children

The three Barone children of the show are actually siblings in real life! Madilyn Sweeten played Ally Barone while her twin brothers Sawyer and Sullivan played Geoffrey and Michael Barone. Madilyn went on to make appearances on Grey’s Anatomy, shorts, and random, small movies. Her most recent was back in 2019 on the hit show Lucifer. Meanwhile, Sullivan has not been acting since his involvement in the short drama Casting in 2017.
Tragically, in 2005, Sawyer Sweeten lost his life at his own hand.

The Show Must Go On

All in all, it is clear that even after the cease of one of the biggest sitcoms in television history, Ray Romano and co-stars continue to have amazing careers with significant portfolios of work. Another beautiful aspect of Romano is that while he continues to act, he managed to merge his work with passions and hobbies that fulfill him, like poker, for example. Hopefully, the world will see more Romano and the others in the true limelight before they choose to retire.

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